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28 August, 2012


Now that I am in my 70th year, I have started to cut back on a number of things that I used to do -- as befits an elderly gent!

And I have decided that posting mirror images of my various blogs is an obvious area for cutbacks. I started up putting extra copies of my blogs online when I was having a lot of problems from Blogspot. They were rather often blocking some of my blogs for "incorrectness" of various sorts. On all occasions I protested successfully against the blocking and I have had no problems for a couple of years now. Hopefully the various blocking/unblocking episodes have led to most of my blogs being "whitelisted" now.

So I am discontinuing forthwith the posting of this blog copy and most of my other blog copies. Henceforth I will post daily copies of my Dissecting Leftism blog only.

If this blog is ever blocked, however, I will immediately restart mirror postings of it so keep a note of this site, where the mirror addresses will be found.

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