SELECTED BACKUPS -- selected by John Ray

I have posted on this site a number of duplicate copies of files from elsewhere on the internet. I have done so in case they cease to be available elsewhere. Obviously, I think they are of sufficient interest to remain available even though they may originally have been only newspaper articles and the like. Note that my posting of them does not necessarily mean that I agree with them. Quite the opposite in some cases.

I list them hereunder:

Banned Books Week 1997: A Case of Misrepresentation. by Steve McKinzie

Not in your name, indeed. By Barry York

Fascism Anyone? -- By Laurence W. Britt

Book review by Hunt Tooley of "The faces of Janus: Marxism and Fascism in the 20th century" by A.J. Gregor

Green Nazis. By Andrew Bolt

'Asian Brown Cloud' poses global threat.

Conspiracies so vast. By Darrin M. McMahon

Partners in Hate: Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers. by Werner Cohn

Grand Designs. By Corey Robin

Mobbed Up. by Cass R. Sunstein

Mussolini tried to undercut Hitler, historian says

Feltrinelli. By Robert Fulford

Book Review: The Lost Literature of Socialism by George Watson. Review by Antony Flew

Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology. By Gilbert Harman

Why are we so ashamed of our glorious past? By Peter Hitchens

Bush-haters do Kerry no favors. By Jeff Jacoby

The modest giant. By Jeff Jacoby

Left Everlasting. By Michael Kelly

"Calling a spade a spade" controversy

A Nation of Happy People -- Gallup poll

Britain's Stonehenge king may be Swiss. By: Jason Hopps

Australian Anti-War Rally Turns Violent. By Kevin Willmann

Senator faces vilification trial. By Anne Calverley

Moran: War, Politics and Inevitability. By David Harrison

Notes on Nationalism. By George Orwell

Maggie Sanger and the Human Weeds. By Shawn Macomber

Race only skin deep. By Katherine Corcoran

Nicotine fix. By Apoorva Mandavilli

The Australian Temperament Project

Toronto Christmas

Gandhi the racist

Clinical Psychology: Another Totalitarianism of the Left?

If only the seats of power carried more backsides like this. By Alan Ramsey

Comparing refugees and non-refugees: The Bosnian experience -- by Nigel Hunt and Maha Gekenyi

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative. By Kathleen Maclay

Understanding Fascism and anti-Semitism. By Geoff Price

Ideological Intransigence, Democratic Centralism and Cultism: A Case Study -- by Dennis Tourish

Why I changed my party registration today. By Evan Sayet

Michael Moore documentary "a lie". By Andrew Bolt

How Nazis went to war in Australia. By David English

Article about John Ray in "Pol" magazine of 1975

Goodbye, All That: How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee. By Ron Rosenbaum

A Nazi poster on eBay

Captain Clueless (1)

Captain Clueless (2)

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative -- Berkeley press release

Mark Latham: A stranger unto himself. By Christopher Pearson

Herbert Hoover as a great humanitarian hero. By Paul Reynolds

Nazis "meant well" -- Mehlman on the Puffington Host

Gallup poll on happiness

U.S. Presidential exit poll, year 2000

U.S. Presidential exit poll, year 2004

Australian media bias in the 70s -- by John Henningham

"New York money people" -- by Wesley Clark on the Puffington Host

Fake global warming statistics in the "Sunday Times" -- by Jonathan Leake

Hitler the smoker

Hitler the father figure

Hitler's peace-talk

Rethinking the White Australia Policy -- by Andrew Fraser

No, it's not your money -- By Christopher Sheil

Italian Futurism -- Richard Owen

Review by Pryce-Jones of Buchanan's book on Churchill

Social class in Britain, 2013

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